Thursday, December 25, 2003

My apologise people, i'm just too lazy to type... Just came back from Jakarta and Hong Kong recently... would have a wonderful time if not for my diahorea, sore throat and flu... Yikes, symptoms of SARS? Nah... relax. I just realized that baju (malay for clothes) in Indonesia is so damn cheap... haha. Eh, actually, i'm feeling really down and drowsy, dun have the energy to type... Well, hope to recover in time before NS.. Have at least 2 wk or so to get in shape. Miss my ex-classmates... was dissapointed i couldn't go for the party at Stan's place... relatives were at my place and had to attend mass at mid night. All this added on to my sickness la. Hope to meet everyone again, when christie's back of course. Christmas.. the meaning of sharing and giving- didn't get much presents this year. Guess it's becasue i've grown up?  Well... i just wanna wish everyone a pleasant and blessed Christmas, take care and god bless! Cheers!

Posted at 08:42 pm by nick_vinc
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